O que é Software Livre

Marcel Ribeiro Dantas - Computer Engineering and Industrial Automation student at UFRN, Free Software Advocate, Fedora Ambassador and Undergraduate Researcher at Laboratory for Technological Innovation in Healthcare, with expertise in Telerradiology, Telemedicine and Hospital Automation.
As a free software advocate I regularly give talks and speeches at universities and events scattered around Brazil and overseas. Themes are usually on:

(Biomedical Engineering)
* The danger of Non-Free Software in Implantable Medical Devices (IMD)
* Open Source Solutions for Picture Archive and Communication Systems (PACSs)
* Patient Monitoring technologies for patients with ALS

* How Free Software can save us from a total disaster
* The Fedora Operating System and the Fedora Project
* Influences of Free Software in the Industry and other Areas of Knowledge
* How the Free and Open Source Community reallys works

Evento: Hangout Inicial do PotiLivre (25/maio/2013)